Tyres at Huddersfield’s Five Star Autocentre

The simple way to buy and have your new tyres fitted in Huddersfield.

Five Star Autocentre is an Affiliated Premier Approved Garage for Blackcircles.com

How to order your tyres online the easy way:

Step 1: Click on the logo “Order Tyres Now

Step 2: Click on “Appointments Available View Garage Calendar” on the right hand side of the uploaded page

Step 3: Select a fitting date and time

Step 4: Select your tyre sizes

Step 5: You pay online to Blackcircles.com.

Your tyres will be delivered to Five Star Autocentre in time for your fitting.
You pay nothing to us we simply fit your tyres.

While there are many different components of your car to consider and look after, you should give a great deal of thought to looking after your tyres in the best possible manner. Your tyres provide your car with a point of contact with the road, and their condition will impact on the performance of your vehicle and your own safety while driving on the road. At Five Star Autocentres, we believe we provide the most comprehensive range of tyres in the Huddersfield area and if you are looking for an independent tyre fitter and dealer in Huddersfield, we are the company to call on.

We aim to provide a high standard of value for money at all times and we are pleased to offer a range of services that are suitable for all makes and models of cars. We are pleased to offer a large stock of tyres, and if you have any questions or queries about our tyre range, please get in touch and we will be more than happy to provide you all the information and guidance you could need.

We are happy to provide tyres for the majority of vehicles and we offer a range of tyres. We work with a broad range of suppliers and manufacturers, and we can provide you with the tyre that is right for your needs or circumstances.

We can provide performance and budget tyres

We are happy to provide you with performance tyres and we also offer a range of budget tyres that provide you with a reliable level of support for an affordable fee. In addition to providing a broad range of tyres for a wide selection of makes and models, we are more than happy to provide a repair or replacement service for your tyres.

Given that the condition of your tyres is a factor that can see you breaking the law; we believe it is important to provide our clients with a reliable and effective level of tyre service. We utilise the very latest in start of the equipment to ensure that your tyres are fitted and balanced to the highest possible standard. If you want support in ensuring your tyres are of the highest standard, get in touch and we will be more than happy to help you out.

At Five Star Autocentre, we are keen to ensure that all of our clients are well looked after and we are always happy to provide tips in ensuring your tyres remain in excellent condition. We will advise you on how to look for cuts, cracks and bulges that may indicate violent impact which will reduce the condition of your vehicle. Damaged tyres can be extremely dangerous and they can be illegal, so we will provide you with guidance to avoid any problems in this matter.

We can also advise you on how to check:

  • The tread of your tyre
  • The pressure of your tyres

Having the correct tread and pressure for your tyres will minimise the likelihood of falling foul of the law, and it will also ensure that your car performs to the highest possible standard.