Five Star Autocentre is an independent Volkswagen servicing garage in Huddersfield; we are in no way endorsed by or connected to Volkswage main dealers or its other companies or any of its associates or affiliates in any way whatsoever. We are simply highlighting we can provide an alternative option to the Volkswage main dealer servicing should you require.

Independent Volkswagen Servicing in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire

Having your car regularly serviced lets you drive your vehicle smoothly and safely. You can also prevent serious issues by dealing with potential problems early on. If you have an Volkswagen, you may need a reliable independent Volkswagen servicing garage in Huddersfield. Five Star Autocentre can provide you with exactly what you need.

Five Star Autocentre has combined automotive main dealer staff experience in servicing vehicles including Volkswagen vehicles for more than 20 years now, ensuring that only top-notch personal services are provided for maximum customer satisfaction. Our customers like our flexible all-inclusive fixed price servicing options with no hidden extras or nasty surprises. Book Online today.

Five Star Autocentre, amongst other independent garages, conducts servicing and repairs in accordance with servicing schedules of manufacturers. All parts used are manufactured to Original Equipment (OE) standard and so will not invalidate your warranty. We record each servicing session and provide you with a copy of what work has been carried out. We will also stamp your Volkswagen service book. The services offered by our proficient technicians are on a par with Volkswagen main dealers, further you may find our prices are more affordable.

Servicing your Volkswagen within the warranty period

Rather than going to the main dealer, you can bring your brand new Volkswagen to us without voiding its warranty. As per the UK laws, motorists are given the option to select an independent garage without nullifying the manufacturer’s warranty. We’re confident that you can avail of excellent services while saving a lot of money on your servicing costs. Moreover, we’re a Premier Unipart Car Service Centre, so you can be sure that you’ll get only a high level of expertise and high quality car parts. Book Online today.

A little history about your Volkswagen car…

Volkswagen, abbreviated VW which means “people’s car”, is the original and largest-selling brand of the Volkswagen Group which currently owns the Bentley, Audi, Bugatti, SEAT, Lamborghini, Porsche and Skoda marques. The company was originally founded by the Nazi trade union in 1937. Since the German auto industry mostly produced luxury models at the time, the automaker aimed to produce cars for the average working man who couldn’t afford expensive luxury vehicles.

When WWII began, VW’s factory was heavily damaged due to bombings. The factory was captured by the American forces which handed it over to the British who utilised it for producing Beetles which were primarily used as light transport cars. Since British, American and French companies were not convinced to purchase the factory, it was continuously used to manufacture cars for military purposes until the war ended.

Eventually, VW was handed back by allied forces to the Germans. By 1955, a million Beetles had been manufactured and by 1973, 16 million Beetles were produced making the vehicle the largest-produced car in history.

Currently, VW is popular for producing the Golf, Passat, and Polo. Over time, the automaker has adjusted its focus from entry-level vehicles to mid-range and higher levels, enjoying considerable success in the process.

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